About Us

The USPS is an equal opportunity employer and all hiring decisions are made by local postal authorities.
The hiring process is a selection process and there are 3 basic steps.

After you register, you will….

  • Apply Online
  • Take an Exam, and
  • Have an Interview

Each step is important. When you pass one, you move on to the next.
This site is designed to help candidates perform better in each step.

If you follow the instructions and tips closely…

  • It will make the process EASIER,
  • It will REDUCE THE TIME IT TAKES for you to get hired, and
  • It will INCREASE THE LIKELIHOOD that you get hired

For over 30 years, the USPS has used this basic process to help local authorities decide which candidates to hire.
This site was created with decades of experience with the process. Thousands of candidates have been hired who took advantage of the information made available to you on this site.
We are passionate about helping people reach their goals, and we believe that a career with the USPS is hard to beat for the average citizen.
We have seen lots of candidates get excited about the prospect of becoming a USPS employee.
Sadly, not everyone who tries to get hired succeeds in the process, however.
In our experience, anyone can learn what to do to do excel, and become selected. Most want do the work.
We think its worth it to do the work and are proud of the many individuals we have helped get hired.
In short, some candidates make mistakes on the online application and are not invited to take an Assessment. So be sure to follow the tips and suggestions for completing your online eCareer profile correctly.
Some fail the Assessment and are not invited to the Postal Exam 473. So be sure to follow the advice that you are given for this part.
Some fail the Postal Exam 473, and are not eligible to be hired. If you will be open to learn some techniuqes that are taught in the material you will be provided, and if you take several practice exams ahead of time, your scores will dramatically improve.
You goal is to practice and score well on the exam and apply for several jobs in your area.
For each job that you apply, the top 3 scorers on the exam, of all that apply for that job, are invited to an interview, and one is hire.
Everything you need to excel with each step of the process is provided here at this site.
Not everyone will take this process seriously. We hope that you do.
We are happy to make this all available for you.
Be sure to take advantage of the advantage you have been given.
Great care has been taken to get this information to you.